Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Cant Be Tamed .

i LOVE these pictures. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Favourite Things (;

1&2- cute as sweater from love that place except i cant afford anything off it because its all USD :( oh well, a girl can dream.
3&5- open two finger stud ring. OMFG this is what i want right now more than anything. $40NZD it would come to with shipping and all that crap. 
4 - the jeans im probably going to get from lippy! it was a decision between these or ripped jeans, but i liked these the best(;
6- Cute Jeffrey Campbell so smart wedges.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tsehai Kay Stewart ♥

i thought i would use this picture because it has heaps of us having our fun times haha. its a bit blurry but excuse that(: im finally doing my blog on you! darling i love you so much! We are such DOWNERS in maths! its like our "lets pretend to hate each other and be bitches and yell really loudly and be dicks" class. other wise known as LPTHEOABBAYRLABD. pronounced Theo.a.bayer.laabd. the LP is silent at the start. haha we're in EVERY single class together and im stull not sick of you! (yet) hehehe. prince william + shopping + starbucks = totally awesome maddness. oh yeah! Little Mermaid 1&2! i still can never find those dvds and video ezy... haha i hope to solve many murders in future with you dahl! :L good fun food gun. omge. good fun = food gun i know half of this is in the comment i did for you but it all is the same :) and *looks up at ceiling* "umm... h-hi tsehai. ahh hooows its. g-going?" with retarded facials. we have so much fun doing that in maths! hahah today we were and i hope no one was looking but actually who gives a shit! we can be cool if we want :D im glad i met you miss Tsehai! 
i love you so much!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


i drew this a couple of days ago.
just high waisted denim shorts, tank top, blazer with the striped cuffs and a striped scarf, bow, and socks. then i made a little picture out of magazine cuttings. i quite liked it and its quite good for as far as my drawing talents go :P which isnt too high i might add. and the feet are screwed up. haha okay well comment!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Harry Potter.x

This is one of the rings mum got me from melbourne. i used to not really like it because it was so big and weird, but i actually quite like it now :) and it looks nice in these pictures!
also if you look close up at the writing in the book, you will find that it is harry potter and the chamber of secrets. i had a good weekend. yesterday i had dancing. after that i went to Bee's and got invited to the rugby! we (hurricanes) won, it was great. then i went back to hers and stayed the night. This morning, we were woken up at 8.30 by heather telling us to get out of bed "the civil defence is out, there's a tsunami warning! you need to get up the hill." so me and bee grab my bag not in too much of a hurry to  be honest and in our PJs we scramble up the back of her house and up the hill. we knew nothing was going to happen. after a while we just came back to bee's and watched ice age three. There was small signs of tsunami's happening around the country but nothing around where i am. Later i went into te papa with mum, nana, grandad, and jonathan and saw the Anne Frank exhibition, the colossal squid and the Pompeii exhibition. it was interesting.
thats all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


just a few designs i drew. first is just a long dress, and the second is a skirt i want to make in textiles class and a t-shirt that has sunglasses screen printed onto it.
comment. xo :)

Sports Day;

Ahh, Sports day 2010. As you may be able to see, i am in White house, otherwise known as Kotuku. there is also Yellow house (Mohua), Green house (kakariki) and Purple house (Pukeko). The Pics are including: Grace, with the white false eyelashes. Tasha, with the purple top hat. Tyree, with the purple dress and moku (?) on her chin. Rosy, with the heart sunnies and HP book also in the pic next. Joshita with her head in the pic only with heaps of people behind her. Imogen, with the Tiger ears. Tsehai, in the  pic where i'm wearing sunglasses and you can see joshita in the back. :D then there are pics of the field with people everywhere, the stereo and speakers in the middle of the field where they played actual cool music while activities were running. It was burning hot that day, and pretty much everyone got burnt. Me, only a little bit :) then there's pics of my legs with the hand print and the heart painted one. it was so much fun and guess what!? after years of losing and being laughed at, White house WON SPORTS DAY. shame purple house. LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING NOW. :)